Every industry has its own unique set of requirements.

Understanding an industry’s core needs is essential to providing the correct solution.

Sharetree has a long history of working across a wide variety of industries and taking the time to understand what each customer requires.

We offer expertise in temperature, humidity (environmental) and Life Testing to help customers choose the best approach and chamber for their application.

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Has some of the most demanding thermal test requirements of all industries.

Large temperature ranges and fast ramps are often combined with complex test setups making conventional “cubic” chambers difficult to use.

We have proven experience in providing solutions to the most complex of Aerospace test requirements and meeting relevant standards (MIL STD 810, etc.) either from standard ranges or cost effective custom designs.

Suitable Chambers

Automotive applications


Requires testing against harsh environmental conditions and ensure life-time reliability especially for safety components.

Component Suppliers to automotive manufacturers face company-specific test specifications for products which meanis test systems need to be flexible and quickly configurable.

We have proven experience supplying chambers that meet the rigorous demands and wide variety of Automotive specifications with chambers that simulate the harshest conditions (temperature, humidity and vibration) or provide Life-Testing in the form of HALT/HASS, AGREE, etc.

Suitable Chambers

  • Walk-in/Drive-in Rooms
    Conditioning &/or testing of large sub-assemblies to complete vehicles
  • Tornado Chambers
    For dashboards, bumpers or any large/bulky assemblies
  • Cyclone Chambers
    LN2 versions for fast ramps (60°C/min) for HALT/HASS and combined vibration for AGREE styled testing
Automotive applications

Contract Manufacturing & Test Houses

Face a challenge – knowing what equipment they’ll need for future contracts.

Chambers providing flexibility for testing a wide range of standards, such as IEC 60068 specs, as well as take up relatively little space, are therefore preferred.

An extensive range of chambers for temperature, temperature/humidity (environmental) and combined vibration capable of meeting most test standards.

From small benchtop to Walk-In Room sizes. Larger chambers can be fitted with remote cooling plants to maximise internal space.

Suitable Chambers


A key requirement for the Defence Industry is safe handling of volatile or explosive materials during testing.

Chambers often need to be ATEX rated (CAT-C, etc.) to ensure safe testing while still performing to the required specification.

We’ve many years experience working with Defence Industry customers providing safety features such as spark resistant impellers, indirect heating, HEPA filters, multi-level over-temperature detection and many more, are available across most of our ranges, as well as custom chambers.

Chambers are available as temperature cycling, temperature & humidity (environmental) and temperature with vibration.

Remote monitoring and/or control of the chambers is available on all models for added safety.

Suitable Chambers

  • Custom Enclosure with ACUs
    For remote condition of volatile materials
  • Cyclone Chambers
    Powerful airflow for good thermal tracking, available with spark resistant impellers, etc.
  • Tornado Chambers
    For large &/or heavy products, available with spark resistant impellers, etc.
  • Walk-in Rooms
    Conditioning &/or testing of large volumes of products, available with spark resistant impellers, etc.

Oil & Gas

Down-hole products are often unsuitable for “cubic” chambers.

Temperature ranges are constantly being extended as tools are taken further into the Earth’s crust and vibration and shock resistance is key to reliability.

In conjunction with several key Oil & Gas companies, we have developed a range of chambers to meet these demands.

These include “long & thin” RampMaster range specifically suited to testing down-hole tools.

Special versions of RampMaster chambers include a proprietary Hi-Temp system for mechanically cooled chambers allowing them to exceed the +180°C norm and achieve temperatures of +250°C, as well as Non-Magnetic versions for sensitive testing.

Suitable Chambers

  • RampMaster Chambers
    Specifically designed for down-hole tools, capable of good thermal performance with high loads
  • Cyclone Chambers
    Powerful airflow for good thermal tracking with LN2 versions for fast ramps (60°C/min)
  • Tornado Chambers
    For large &/or heavy products
  • Walk-in Rooms
    Conditioning &/or testing of large volumes of products
Oil and gas applications


Sensitive to environmental conditions and require controlled storage environments. In addition, they can also require controlled environmental conditions for production.

And all of this often occurs in clean room environments.

Chambers required by the Pharmaceutical industry need to be able to provide long term stable conditions with minimal maintenance and cleanable with aggressive cleaners such as Biocides.

We’ve worked with Pharmaceutical companies to provide a range of chambers to meet these demanding requirements (WHO, FDA, etc) and developed specialist chambers for process control including high density Humidity Controlled Drying (HCD) chambers and “tilt and rotate” mixing and curing ovens.

All of which are suitable for clean room environments (ISO 14644-1, etc), cleanable with biocides and capable of integrating with existing inhouse DAQ systems.

Suitable Chambers